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TechPeople working on LMS (Lead Management System), is a SharePoint web portal designed for marketing organizations seeking a superior lead management application that can simplify the qualification, distribution, and follow-up of leads. It’s a complete end-to-end lead management web application and a lead marketing management solution that integrates all aspects of enterprise marketing into a single easy-to-use platform.
This project gives complete details of the sales that are happening in the company by generating the reports based on the team. Every lead in the team gets details on which product sales that are working by the team and progress of the sales.

The main modules in the LMS are creation of lead, simple search, advanced search of the lead, user search engine, User lead Reports, User registration, BDC, Workflow Management, Document Management, Content Management System, Admin Module.

TechPeople working on Research, development and commercialization of the following mobile security solution known as TechPeople Mobile Security Solution.

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